ORCID Outreach Meeting, Symposium on Research Attribution, and Codefest 23 et 24 mai 2013 – Oxford, Royaume-Uni

 » ORCID hosts twice-yearly meetings for the research community to learn about the progress of the ORCID initiative, talk with integrators, and learn more about the tools available to embed ORCID iDs. This meeting, hosted jointly by Dryad and ORCID, provides a venue to discuss these issues and learn about the initiatives underway to to address them, including social aspects of attribution, the persistent identifiers for researchers and their work, and development of interoperable methods for storing and calling data.

We are also hosting a CodeFest for developers under the theme « Connections », starting at 12pm on May 23 and ending mid-day on May 24.

Participation is free, but registration is required.

ORCID Meeting « 

source > donneesdelarecherche.fr, Thérèse Hameau (INIST-CNRS), 21 février 2013