Open science from the standpoint of the new wave of researchers: Views from the scholarly frontline

« Sometimes, it feels that decisions about scholarly communications are made on behalf of researchers bypolicy makers, research funders, librarians and, occasionally, publishers. Researchers, perhaps, not trustedto run their own lives, are expected to tow along. It seems that this might be happening in the case of openscience. In the light of this, it is crucially important to examine open science through the fresh lens of thecommunity of researchers to whom it counts the most – early career researchers (ECRs), the newest andbiggest wave of researchers who will inhabit the projected bright new open scholarly world being builtin their name. This is a community that, to date, despite its huge strategic importance has largely goneunheard and, instead, words put in their mouths and told how to behave in an open science world. (…) »

source >, David Nicholas, Chérifa Boukacem-Zeghmouri, Abdullah Abrizah, Blanca Rodríguez-Bravo, Jie Xu, et al..,