Go8 joins Paris talks to push for greater global open access to research data

« A senior delegation of Group of Eight (Go8) international policy and research experts has joined representatives of nine of the world’s leading research university networks, including the Association of American Universities (AAU), the UK’s Russell Group, Canada’s U15, Germany’s U15, Japan’s RU11, and the League of European research Universities (LERU), for an “International research data rights summit” hosted by the Sorbonne. The summit will work through how best to gain unanimity of purpose and policy on research data sharing.  (…)
Sorbonne declaration on research data rights

Based on the following principles:

  • Knowledge derived from research is a public good.
  • The value of research data relies on research integrity, upon which the public trust in new knowledge is founded.
  • Providing access to and openly sharing data to enable development of new knowledge, accelerates discoveries for the benefit of society and economic development.
  • Research data should, as much as possible, be shared openly and reused, without compromising national security, institutional autonomy, privacy, indigenous rights and the protection of intellectual property.
  • The academic community is integral to identifying the complex conditions for sharing and reuse. (…) »

source > go8.edu.au, 28 janvier 2020