Open Access Books: The First 100 Books from Johns Hopkins University Project

« This is Open Access Week, an opportunity for concentrated information sharing and reflecting on issues and policies. This year’s theme is “Open for Whom?  Equity in Open Knowledge” which seems an apt theme for exploring open access (OA) and books, and particularly humanities books which have been historically the most complex scholarly form to fit to OA policies and projects aimed at the largely STEM journals market.

For the start of OA Week, I interviewed Barbara Kline Pope, Director of Johns Hopkins University Press (JHUP), and Wendy Queen, Director of Project MUSE, about a Mellon/NEH funded project managed by JHUP in partnership with JHU’s Sheridan libraries to create digital OA editions of 200 currently out-of-print books. The first 100 of those books are being released this week. (…) »

source >, Karin Wulf, 21 octobre 2019