Which Are the Tools Available for Scholars? A Review of Assisting Software for Authors during Peer Reviewing Process

« (…) The result of an examination of literature assisted the creation of a novel taxonomy of types of software available in the market. This new classification is divided into nine categories as follows: (I) Identification and social media, (II) Academic search engines, (III) Journal-abstract matchmakers, (IV) Collaborative text editors, (V) Data visualization and analysis tools, (VI) Reference management, (VII) Proofreading and plagiarism detection, (VIII) Data archiving, and (IX) Scientometrics and Altmetrics. Considering these categories and their defining traits, a curated list of 220 software tools was completed using a crowdfunded database (AlternativeTo) to identify relevant programs and ongoing trends and perspectives of tools developed and used by scholars. (…) »

source > mdpi.com, Martínez-López, J.I.; Barrón-González, S.; Martínez López, A, Publications 2019, 7(3), 59; https://doi.org/10.3390/publications7030059