From Open Access to Open Data: collaborative work in the university libraries of Catalonia

« The traditional mechanisms for communicating research results have recently undergone profound changes as a result of the open access movement (Abadal, Ollé, & Redondo, 2018), which makes scientific information freely accessible and reusable. The movement began with research articles, but has recently been extended to other documents and now includes research data.

The scientific community and funding bodies are now focusing on the data gathered, generated or used during research activities, and public access to these data is one of the constituent elements of what is called open science (Anglada & Abadal, 2018). (…) »

source >, Mireia Alcalá Ponce de León, Lluís Anglada i de Ferrer, 23 novembre 2018, LIBER Quarterly, 28(1), pp.1–14. DOI: