Open Access Week 2018 (October 22 – 26) / Join OpenAIRE and FOSTER for a series of webinars and tutorials!

« As has become a yearly tradition, OpenAIRE and FOSTER are hosting a new series of webinars and tutorials during Open Access Week 2018 (October 22 – 26).

This year, we’re going for an interactive, mixed approach. You’ll have the chance to subscribe to dedicated ‘tracks’, each of which involves reviewing 1 or 2 short online tutorials along with some supporting information.

Track 1: Open Access, Open Data, Open Science: what you need to know and what are the policies in Horizon 2020?
Track 2: Everything you need to know about FAIR data, data repositories, text and data mining and research data management.
Track 3: Legal and ethical considerations for sharing research data
Track 4: Open Science Policies: what you need to know, how to advise on good policy making, and information/trends on policies in Europe
Track 5: OpenAIRE and FOSTER project: services and activities (…) »

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