2018 top trends in academic libraries: A review of the trends and issues affecting academic libraries in higher education

« Every other year, the ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee produces a document on top trends in higher education as they relate to academic librarianship. Topics in this edition of ACRL Top Trends will be familiar to some readers who will hopefully learn of new materials to expand their knowledge. Other readers will be made aware of trends that are outside of their experience. This is the nature of trends in our current technological and educational environments: change is continual, but it affects different libraries at different rates. The 2018 top trends share several overarching themes, including the impact of market forces, technology, and the political environment on libraries. (…) »

source > crln.acrl.org, ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee, in College & Research Libraries News, vol 79, No 6 (2018), DOI: https://doi.org/10.5860/crln.79.6.286