Coordination of Open Access to Research Publications in Sweden

« (…) In the Research Bill Knowledge in Collaboration the Government states that open access to research results contributes to maintaining and furthering excellence in research. Open access to research output can advance science by making it possible for more researchers to validate and build on previous work. Further, that open access plays an im­portant role in society at large and that research and innovation to a large extent is carried out within industry and in the business and public sectors. All stake­holders have a common responsibility in fulfilling this objective.

The national goal is that all scientific publications resulting from research financed with public funds shall be published immediately open access and that research data, on which the scholarly publication is based, should be made open access together with the publication.

The transition to open access to scholarly publications, research data and artistic works should be fully implemented in 2026 at the latest. It is a shared responsibility for all stakeholders within the research system to work towards the goal. (…) »

source >, février 2018