« ARL Publishes New Roles for New Times: Research Library Services for Graduate Students”

Washington, DC L’Association des bibliothèques de recherche (ARL) a publié aujourd’hui un rapport sur les services de bibliothèque de recherche pour les étudiants diplômés (PDF). Ce texte définit ce que doit apporter une bibliothèque du XXIème siècle aux étudiants , enseignants, universitaires et chercheurs.

December 20, 2012

(..)The report proposes that the growing number, and heterogeneity, of graduate students and programs presents opportunities for research libraries to provide segmented services targeted for students at different stages of their academic and demographic life-cycle. Through their interviews, Covert-Vail and Collard found an enthusiasm for a broad range of new services, from advanced data manipulation and visualization to softer skills-based instruction in time management and writer’s block. They also report that new configurations of library space, housing aggregated services into research or scholarly commons, for example, can both create and leverage collaborations within the larger institution.

Finally, the authors present different strategies for staffing graduate student services, from dedicated positions and committees to more loosely structured teams comprising subject liaisons, technologists, data librarians, and others, who work together to deliver a suite of complex solutions to meet the needs of graduate students in research institutions.

source > ARL, Judy Ruttenberg, 20 décembre 2012