Welcome to Emergent Scientist (EmSci), the first open access student-oriented scientific journal

« Aims and scope

Emergent Scientist is an open access international scientific journal dedicated to a student authorship and readership, and to lesser extent to teachers and researchers. Emergent Scientist is intended to provide students with accessible scientific material and to offer them a first publishing experience. For senior scientists, Emergent Scientist can be used to provide teaching material and can constitute an introduction to questions out of the reader’s area of expertise.

Origins of the project

Emergent Scientist started in 2016 at the instigation of the French Physical Society (SFP). After hosting the 8th edition of the International Physicists’ Tournament, the SFP suggested to add value to the work of the participants and offer them to turn their reports into peer-reviewed publications. The idea of expanding this chance to any student willing to learn about scientific publication quickly emerged, and gave birth to EmSci. (…) »

source > emergent-scientist.edp-open.org, 2017