OA2020: Divest of Subscriptions, Invest in Open Access!

« Open in order to innovate! In the theme of Open Access Week 2017, OA2020 relaunches its website with a call to libraries worldwide to divest of the traditional subscription model in order to finance innovative, sustainable business and publishing models. (…)

As set out in the OA2020 Expression of Interest, drafted at the 12th Berlin Open Access Conference in 2015, the key to achieving large scale transformation of the current scholarly publishing (subscription) system is by “converting resources currently spent on journal subscriptions into funds to support sustainable OA business models”. The OA2020 Expression of Interest goes on to clarify that the envisioned transformation shall be made “in accordance with community-specific publications preferences” while continuing “to support new and improved forms of OA publishing”. (…) »

source > nfais.org, 25 octobre 2017