Knowledge Exchange: A landscape study on open access and monographs Policies, funding and publishing in eight European countries

« This first-of-a-kind report from Knowledge Exchange maps the landscape for Open Access books in the Knowledge Exchange countries; Finland, Netherlands, UK, France, Denmark and Germany, together with Norway and Austria.

Are books included in national Open Access policies? What kind of funding streams supporting open access monographs exist? And what variety of publishing models for Open Access monographs can be located? (…)

The report creates an overview of both the OA monographs policies, funding streams and publishing models for all eight countries for the first time. This is used to point towards areas of future efforts. (…) »

source >, Eelco Ferwerda, Frances Pinter, Niels Stern, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.815932, 6 octobre 2017