We’ve failed: Pirate black open access is trumping green and gold and we must change our approach

  • « Sci-Hub has made nearly all articles freely available using a black open access model, leaving green and gold models in its dust.
  •  Why, after 20 years of effort, have green and gold open access not achieved more? Do we need ‘tae think again’?
  • If human nature is to postpone change for as long as possible, are green and gold open access fundamentally flawed?
  •  Open and closed publishing models depend on bundle pricing paid by one stakeholder, the others getting a free ride. Is unbundling a fairer model?
  • If publishers changed course and unbundled their product, would this open a legal, fairer route to 100% open access and see off the pirates? (…) »

source > onlinelibrary.wiley.com, Toby Green, DOI: 10.1002/leap.1116, 6 septembre 2017