Introducing the Journal of Cognition

« We are thrilled to present the Journal of Cognition (JoC), the new official journal of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP). The submission portal has been online since 19 May 2017 and the editorial team has already started to handle the first submissions. With the startup of JoC, ESCoP says farewell to the Journal of Cognitive Psychology (JCP), which – initially under the title European Journal of Cognitive Psychology (EJCP) – has been ESCoP’s official journal since 1989. (…)

JCP’s publisher, Taylor and Francis, were helpful and supportive with respect to the implementation of the aforementioned changes. However, Taylor and Francis and ESCoP did not reach an agreement with respect to our wish to break with the traditional publishing model and move towards open access. In 2016, the publisher proposed to add an annual open access supplement to the traditional journal, but imposed the condition that ESCoP should still fill an entire “traditional” volume each year. (…) »

source >, Hartsuiker, R.J, Morey, C.C, 2017, DOI: