Royal Society Open Science: Building a sustainable open science journal

« Since its launch in 2014, our newest journal, Royal Society Open Science, has operated a full waiver of all article processing charges (APCs) allowing all authors to publish their work with us completely free of charge. This is a fairly common way to get new open access journals up and running and to establish an author and reader base. We used the same approach in the early years of our first open access journal, Open Biology.

(…) In order to put the journal on a sustainable basis for the future and to support the Royal Society’s broader mission to bring high quality science to the widest possible audience we shall bring the introductory waiver period to an end (as we did with Open Biology in 2014). An APC of £900 will therefore apply to all accepted articles submitted to the journal after January 1 2018. (…) »

source >, Stuart Taylor, 18 juillet 2017