Research Data Management

« COAR aims to position universities, research institutions and their libraries as the foundation for a new scholarly communication system. (…) In September 2016, COAR launched a Research Data Management (RDM) Interest Group to help the community expand their operations to support RDM. (…)

See the results of research data management survey, undertaken in December 2016.

The COAR Research Data Management Interest Group has identified the following activities for 2016-2018:

  1. Webinars
  2. Develop an assessment framework to help institutions evaluate data repository systems
  3. Undertake a brief survey of RDM activities within the COAR membership
  4. Identify and link to key training material and resources
  5. Share collection policies for RDM in repositories
  6. Recommend metadata standards for research data sets (…) »

source >, 24 janvier 2017