Be Open to Open Science: Stakeholders Should Prepare for the Future, not Cling to the Past

« On May 27 2016, EU Member States affirmed their commitment to accelerating the advancement of knowledge and boosting innovation and competitiveness in Europe by adopting Council Conclusions on the Transition Towards and Open Science System.

We, the European and international library community, welcome this development and support a rapid transition towards Open Science as a high priority for us and our users, as outlined clearly in the LIBER response to the Amsterdam Call for Action.

Member States should be in no doubt that their commitment to Open Science will result in a healthier and more efficient research ecosystem, a greater impact for research funding, and a better environment for knowledge transfer. This move will not only boost European competitiveness, but will establish Europe as a world leader in data-driven innovation.

It is therefore with dismay that we note negative reactions to the Conclusions, from stakeholders with an interest in maintaining the status quo: in particular the International Association of STM Publishers (STM). Given the stakes, we feel compelled to respond. (…) »

source >, 9 juin 2016