Fracking the Ecosystem | Periodicals Price Survey 2016

« (…) Traditionally, this survey has used the titles indexed in the ISI Arts and Humanities Index, Science Citation Abstracts, and Social Science Citation Index. We have presented the data from these indexes individually as well as in merged format, sorted by discipline and country of origin.

Historically, we have also analyzed the pricing of the full-text titles in ­EBSCO’s Academic Search Premier data-­base to represent the titles most commonly held in general academic and public library collections. Starting with this survey, we will be using the titles indexed by Academic Search Complete, which is now the most commonly found in its respective markets. This shift also makes the data more consistent with the ISI indexes as both sets of data are based on indexed titles, not on index titles in one set of data and full-text titles in another. The result of these changes is that we are now examining 7,124 priced titles indexed in Academic Search Complete. Last year the data set was 3,151 titles.

This year we were also able to expand the study to include approximately 15,000 titles indexed by ­SCOPUS. Subsequently, this year’s feature examines pricing for 18,473 unique titles, our largest sample to date. Increasing the sample makes the results more reliable, and like nearly all other data sources employed for this article, the increase in serial prices documented in the SCOPUS Table is again 6% for 2016. (…) »

source >, 21 avril 2016