Time for a single global copyright framework for libraries and archives. (See : the case of the British Library).

« Digital technologies have transformed libraries, archives and access to information. They have revolutionized the information landscape.

Libraries and archives support the work of scientists and scholars, which is increasingly collaborative, interdisciplinary and global in nature. In tandem with the expanding opportunities for search and resource discovery enabled by digital technologies, there is growing demand to access materials held in libraries and archives around the world. Global library spending on print and digital content runs into billions of dollars every year – much of it taxpayer funded. In 2014 this amounted to an estimated USD25.4 billion. But faced with a maze of different copyright laws and licensing conditions, libraries and archives are finding it increasingly difficult to respond to the information needs of the public they serve. (…) »

source > http://www.wipo.int, Teresa Hackett, décembre 2015