What do early-career researchers think about open access?

 » A guest post by Divykriti Chopra,  Leonid Schneider,  Clara Martinez Perez,  Ashish Malik and Prateek Mahalwar.

Selecting a journal to submit a manuscript to is an important decision for any researcher. To find out the factors that influence this decision for early-career researchers, we conducted a survey of PhD students and postdocs at Max Planck Institutes across Germany. The respondents worked in a variety of fields including biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, mathematics and the social sciences. As advocates of open access (OA), we also wanted to find out how much early-career researchers knew about this topic. A total of 314 PhD students and postdocs completed the survey, and some of the results are discussed in this article (…) »

source > elifesciences, 3 juillet 2015