Study on copyright limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives: updated and revised. prepared by Kenneth D. Crews, J.D., Ph.D (.pdf)

« This report is the third in a series of studies commissioned by the World Intellectual Property Organization on copyright exceptions for libraries and archives,1 each undertaken by Dr. Kenneth D. Crews as principal investigator. This report supersedes in full the data collections presented in the previous two studies from 20082 and 2014.3 All three studies examine the nature and diversity of statutory provisions in the copyright law of WIPO Member States and provide an analytical survey of the relevant law. The present report, however, consolidates information from the 2008 and 2014 studies, adds substantial new information and updated statutes, expands the coverage of statutory topics, and reexamines nearly every detail. For the first time, this report gathers and analyzes law related to copyright exceptions from all 188 countries that are current members of WIPO (…) »

source > wipo, 10 juin 2015