Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On | Periodicals Price Survey 2015

« … The 2016 serials marketplace will continue to see steady increases in prices, while scholarly communications and libraries will continue to see dynamic change. Multiple factors are impacting libraries and the information industry, including budget compression, price inflation, the need to fund new research and education directions, open access, government mandates, new evaluation tools, and changing patterns of the distribution of information offered by research platforms and social networks. All elements of the information marketplace—libraries, publishers, and vendors—will continue to be impacted by changing market conditions. The 6% average price increase seen in 2015 is expected to remain fairly constant for 2016, hovering in the 6% to 7% range. Six percent seems to be a level of inflation that is neither too much for libraries to bear nor too little for publishers. However, after the last large business failure of a serials vendor there was a spike in prices the following year, so the demise of Swets could tack on a bit more to the six percent forecast in 2016 (…) »

source > lj.libraryjournal, Stephen Bosch and Kittie Henderson, 23 avril 2015