Principles for the citation of scientific data

« … Good practice in science must assume that the data under consideration forms part of an ecosystem and that it should be accessible and reusable. In other words, in addition to recording bibliographic sources, scientific works should also provide access to the original data which underpins the research in question (…)

The official declaration of 2010 was subsequently improved in various works which served as a basis for the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles(DC1)3 recently approved by the FORCE11 working group which is composed of researchers, librarians, archivists, publishers and scientific research funding agencies interested in the future of scholarly communication and e-academia.

The declaration was signed by more than 80 of the world’s leading scientific publishers, universities and institutions, among which we highlight Elsevier, PLOS, ORCID, Nature Publishing Group, Association of Research Libraries, BioMed Central, CrossRef, etc (…)

If your institution wishes to support this initiative, please register at: (…) »

source >, Ernesto Spinak, 15 janvier 2015