Electronic Repositories for Preservation of Legal Scholarships – Priya Rai (.pdf)

« Abstract

The growth of electronic repositories (e-repositories) has been found remarkable in facilitating global open access to legal scholarship. Legal repositories are evolved as reference tool by the law schools to manage legal scholarship, working paper series, peer reviewed articles and other kinds of learning objects. These kinds of services; developed over a decade, improve the visibility and sustainability of scholarly produced literature, and help in winding information gaps between information rich and information poor researchers.The article traces the initiatives in support of open access to scholarly literature and examines how e-repositories improve communication access and bridges channels for legal scholarship. The article finds that certain primary crucial points like policy and standards, perceivable formats, accessibility and management of rights for digital materials, economic facts should be considered before implementing e-repositories. The study concludes that internationally there are number of initiatives supporting institutional and disciplinary repositories in support of legal scholarship, but lack in developing countries like India where no single law institution has approached the repository route of open access publishing. »

source > DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 19 novembre 2014