October 2014 issue of IFLA Journal

« … Volume 40, No.3 (October 2014)



National libraries as centers of innovation: An IFLA Journal 40th anniversary tribute

Jerry W. Mansfield 143


From inertia to innovation: Information-based organizations in the Age of Intelligence
Roberta I. Shaffer 145

Innovations in the National Library Board Singapore: A journey
Ngian Lek Choh 150

What makes innovation work? Innovation practice in the National Library of the Netherlands
Hildelies Balk, Elsbeth Kwant and Clemens Neudecker ​157

Building tomorrow’s library today: The New Library of Alexandria
Ismail Serageldin 169

Qatar National Library – Architecture as innovation in the Arab world
Claudia Lux 174

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec: Convergence and the path of innovation
Guy Berthiaume and Pascale Ryan 182

Built on sound principles: Audio management and delivery at the National Library of Australia
Kevin Bradley 186

Innovation as a strategic choice at the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Reinhard Altenhöner, Ulrike Junger and Ute Schwens 195

Innovative services in the National Library of China
Han Yongjin 202

A case study in national library innovation: Newspapers in the British Library
Andy Stephens, Caroline Brazier and Phil Spence 206

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