Announcing Usus – a community website on usage

« Usus (Latin for usage) is a new, independent, community-run website ( for all those interested in the usage of online content.  It is designed to support a productive conversation among librarians, publishers, aggregators, and repository managers so that we can all get the best possible usage reports for our electronic resources.

The Usus website provides:

* A source of  hints and tips on solving known problems

 * A list of vendors with problems that are affecting the credibility and/or usefulness of the COUNTER reports

 * A collection point for suggestions for new COUNTER usage reports and metrics

Supervisory Board

The Usus Supervisory Board will ensure that the website is editorially independent and will serve the needs of the community. Chaired by Anne Osterman, Deputy Director of VIVA (the Virtual Library of Virginia), the members of the Supervisory Board are:

Anne Osterman, VIVA, USA (Chair)

Simon Bevan, Cranfield University, UK

Melissa Blaney, ACS Publications, USA

Anna Creech, University of Richmond, USA Lorraine Estelle, JISC, UK Oliver Pesch, EBSCO, USA Kari Schmidt, Montgomery College, USA Mark Tullos, ProQuest, USA

Travel Award

Thank you to Project COUNTER for the financial support needed to get Usus off the ground.  COUNTER has also offered to provide a travel award worth £1,000/$1,500 to a librarian who contributes the best opinion piece for the News & Opinions section of the Usus site.  The award can be used to travel to the Charleston Conference, UKSG Conference, or Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference.  Please send your submissions of 1,000 words or less to by December 31, 2014.

For more information, please contact Usus at:« 

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