FRBR and serials: the PRESSoo model. Patrick Le Boeuf, François-Xavier Pelegrin (.pdf)

« Abstract:

In 2013, the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the ISSN International Centre developed an extension of the FRBRoo model devoted to serials and continuing resources: the PRESSoo model. This initiative is intended to address some long-standing issues related to the application of the FRBR model to serials.

This paper provides background information about the application of the FRBR model to serials and a detailed presentation about the PRESSoo model itself. It demonstrates in particular how PRESSoo “captures and represents the underlying semantics of bibliographic information about continuing resources”in a satisfactory manner. The paper also presents the methodology of the project (shorttime project developed at the “local level” by both cataloguers and experts in modelling, then presented to international standards bodies, followed by the first practical application of PRESSoo) (…) »

source >, Patrick Le Boeuf and François-Xavier Pelegrin, 25 juin 2014