EBSCO Announces Support for Open Discovery Initiative Recommendations – EBSCO’s Policy for Metadata Sharing and Collaboration with Discovery Service Vendors in Line with ODI Goals

« EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) fully supports the final recommendations of the Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) working group for best practices for discovery services. EBSCO participated in the ODI Committee and the resulting recommendations are in line with EBSCO’s open policies around metadata sharing and vendor cooperation.

ODI sets forth several objectives which cover: metadata sharing, fair or unbiased linking from discovery services to publishers’ content, and the provision of usage statistics – all of which EBSCO supports. As it pertains to metadata sharing, ODI calls for content providers to make core metadata available to discovery vendors, including underlying full-text/original content for complete offerings, for the purposes of indexing (…) »

source > ebscohost.com, 26 juin 2014