De Prato, G. and Nepelski, D. (2014) ‘ Mapping the European ICT Poles of Excellence. The Atlas of ICT Activity in Europe’, JRC Scientific and Policy Reports (.pdf)

« … This is the third EIPE Report. It presents the results of an empirical mapping of ICT activity in Europe and the ranking of the top European NUTS 3 regions based on their performance in the EIPE Composite Indicator (EIPE CI). It also ranks regions by each of the 42 indicators which contributed to the building of the EIPE composite indicator. This report offers a snapshot of the performance of regions that are identified as the main locations of ICT activity in Europe. It is meant to provide a comprehensive picture of how ICT activity is distributed across Europe and where its main locations are. This information is expected to give a better overview of the European ICT landscape. In order to provide dynamic access to the information gathered within the EIPE project, this report is accompanied by an online visualisation tool.

This report builds on the previous two EIPE reports, which have led to the definition of EIPE (Nepelski et al. 2013) and the elaboration of the methodology for an empirical identification of EIPE (De Prato and Nepelski 2013a).
EIPE are defined as follows:
European ICT Poles of Excellence (EIPE) are geographical agglomerations of best performing Information and Communication Technologies production, R&D and innovation activities, located in the European Union, that exert a central role in global international networks (…) »

source >, avril 2014