The Unified Astronomy Thesaurus – Alberto Accomazzi, Norman Gray, Chris Erdmann, Chris Biemesderfer, Katie Frey, Justin Soles (.pdf)

« Abstract. The Unified Astronomy Thesaurus (UAT) is an open, interoperable and community-supported thesaurus which unifies the existing divergent and isolated Astronomy & Astrophysics vocabularies into a single high-quality, freely-available open thesaurus formalizing astronomical concepts and their inter-relationships. The UAT builds upon the existing IAU Thesaurus with major contributions from the astronomy portions of the thesauri developed by the Institute of Physics Publishing, the American Institute of Physics, and SPIE. We describe the e ort behind the creation of the UAT and the process through which we plan to maintain the document updated through broad community participation (…) »

source >, 26 mars 2014