Déclaration sur les publications scientifiques par trois académies nationales – Académie des sciences, Leopoldina et Royal Society

« Les présidents des académies des sciences de France, d’Allemagne et de Grande-Bretagne ont remis officiellement à monsieur Carlos Moedas, Commissaire … Lire la suite

L’ADBU publie une étude comparative inédite d’impact de la fouille de textes (TDM) sur la compétitivité de la recherche en France et en Grande Bretagne

« L’ADBU publie, avec le soutien du Ministère de l’Education Nationale de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (MENESR), une étude … Lire la suite

Jisc scholarly communications: Shaping our open access support services

« Two ways in which we have supported institutions in meeting the challenges of implementing open access over the last couple … Lire la suite


Jisc Collections and Elsevier agreement: questions and answers

« On behalf of UK institutions, Jisc Collections has signed an agreement with Elsevier, covering access to research publications. The five-year, opt-in … Lire la suite


Jisc Collections and Elsevier Sign Landmark UK Agreement, Securing Access to Research Publications and Initiating Open Science Collaboration

« The UK’s research institutions and the world-leading provider of science, technology and medical information products and services signed today a … Lire la suite


Offsetting models: update on the Springer Compact deal

« In a recent blog post, Jisc Collections reported how the Springer Compact agreement was progressing in the UK. This blog … Lire la suite


Report on offset agreements: evaluating current Jisc Collections deals. Year 1 – evaluating 2015 deals

« This report is a comparative study of the different offset agreements that Jisc Collections has negotiated to date on behalf … Lire la suite


Multi-lingual publishing at Open Library of Humanities – launch of the French site

« We are delighted to announce the launch of the first of our planned multi-lingual sites of the Open Library of … Lire la suite


To boldly go… the librarian’s role in text and data mining

« The relatively new exception to copyright law that we enjoy in the UK, permitting text and data mining (TDM) for … Lire la suite


Cambridge University spend on Open Access 2009-2016

« Today is the deadline for those universities in receipt of an RCUK grant to submit their reports on the spend. … Lire la suite


Jisc supports Wellcome’s OA requirements for publishers

« Wellcome this week has published a set of requirements for open access publications, which will come into force next spring. … Lire la suite


Identifiers for PhD theses and research students: How can we make it happen?

« By their very nature PhD theses break new ground and advance research. They are often the first scholarly output produced … Lire la suite

Liberating Data: How libraries and librarians can help researchers with text and data mining.

« (…) This post examines the ways in which libraries and librarians can facilitate the work of researchers who might want … Lire la suite

Rapport de la task force franco-britannique : bâtir une économie de la donnée

« Axelle Lemaire, secrétaire d’Etat au numérique, a reçu à Londres les conclusions de la task force franco-britannique sur la donnée … Lire la suite


U.K. research charity will self-publish results from its grantees

« Starting sometime this fall, the Wellcome Trust, the charity in London that has become one of the biggest nongovernmental funders … Lire la suite

British Library: International Non-Commercial Document Supply Service to be withdrawn

« The International Non-Commercial Document Supply (INCD) Service will be withdrawn from 1 July 2016. Since the overseas Library Privilege service … Lire la suite

Two-thirds of UK academics back open access, survey finds

« Nearly two-thirds of UK researchers support the abolition of journal subscription fees and a move to open access, according to … Lire la suite

Jisc report: Article processing charges (APCs) and subscriptions

« (…)The first half of this report looks at article processing charges and subscription payments from UK higher education institutions. It … Lire la suite


A ‘gold-centric’ implementation of open access: Hybrid journals, the ‘total cost of publication’ and policy development in the UK and beyond

« This paper reports analysis of data from higher education institutions in the UK on their experience of the open-access (OA) … Lire la suite


Twittering About Research: A Case Study of the World’s First Twitter Poster Competition

« The Royal Society of Chemistry held, to our knowledge, the world’s first Twitter conference at 9am on February 5 th, … Lire la suite


Royal Society: Impact on UK research must be considered in the EU debate

« A referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union (EU) will take place on 23 June 2016.  The … Lire la suite


Strength in Numbers: The Research Libraries UK (RLUK) Collective Collection

« Research libraries are exploring opportunities to cooperatively address areas of mutual need, including collection management and the long-term stewardship of … Lire la suite