LIBER and European Commission Discuss Research Library Involvement In Horizon 2020

 » On September 23rd 2013, LIBER representatives (Dr. Paul Ayris, President; Izaskun Lacunza, Executive Director, and Susan Reilly, EU Projects Manager) met with representatives from the Directorate General Connect in the European Commission.

The meeting covered several topics of interest for the Commission, in areas where LIBER is actively working. Dr. Ayris also gave a lecture to EC representatives in Brussels and via video link to Luxembourg on the role of libraries in the future of research and higher education (…)

The Commission also expressed its intention to run a pilot on a research electronic ID to provide single access to electronic services to European researchers in which research libraries would also be involved. LIBER contributed some initial ideas based on its work on the Authentication, Authorization and Accounting platforms study, and will take this forward by suggesting possible next steps to the Commission (…)

LIBER stated its position regarding Text and Data Mining, and the reasons behind the withdrawal of research and library communities from the Licenses for Europe process. LIBER is holding a TDM workshop on September 27th in London. This workshop aims to explain to the research and SME communities the conditions needed to foster text and data mining in Europe (…)

Dr. Ayris stressed that research libraries should be seen as part of the European research infrastructure. Several examples of innovation in research support were illustrated, such as libraries’ involvement in research data and Open Access funds management, and new publishing models using campus-based publishing systems.

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source >, 25 septembre 2013