ODIN’s first year conference and codesprint – 15 au 17 octobre 2013 – Genève (CERN), Suisse

 » ODIN (ORCID and DataCite Interoperability Network) is a two-year EU-funded project that aims to increase the interoperability of trusted researcher and data identifiers and demonstrate the wonders that can be built upon such open services (…)

The first two-days are solely given over to a codesprint (Oct 15-16) during which participants will collaborate on projects to demonstrate and take advantage of interoperable researcher and data identifiers, along with developers from ORCID & DataCite.

The third day (Oct 17) is a general conference open to all. ODIN partners will share the results from the first half of the 2-year project and receive feedback from the community.

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source > donneesdelarecherche.fr, Thérèse Hameau (INIST-CNRS), 6 août 2013