Big Data : The Advance of Data-Driven Discovery – 16 au 18 octobre 2013 – Ottawa, Canada

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Activities that aim to leverage knowledge discoveries and innovations with the goal of promoting general societal goods are a crucial element of complex, international research environments. While the particular knowledge and products generated through research is important for achieving this goal, such a diverse environment necessarily relies upon various kinds of infrastructure (scientific but also administrative) to enable the creative endeavors of researchers and innovators. Reconnect13 focuses on this dimension of research : the role of research administration practices and information sharing in supporting knowledge discoveries and innovations. Session topics and presentations will primarily be concerned with the ways in which incorporating recent developments in research data management can lead to a better and more connected research and innovation ecosystem.

The conference will be organized into three session tracks featuring panel sessions, presentations, and workshops. “Reconnect Big Data : The Advance of Data-Driven Discovery” constitutes the main thematic track. It is featured simultaneously alongside two additional session tracks : “Reconnect the Machine” and “Reconnect the Library.” More detailed summaries of each series of sessions are offered below.

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source >, Thérèse Hameau (INIST-CNRS), 23 juillet 2013