Reshaping DCMI

 » On 30 June 2013, DCMI Ltd. ceases operations as a company limited by guarantee in Singapore and becomes a project of ASIS&T—the Association for Information Science and Technology. This change from independent, non-profit company status in Singapore to a partnership with ASIS&T marks a significant milestone in DCMI’s history (…)

DCMI’s core objectives in creating a new partnership with ASIS&T are to:

  • Establish ASIS&T as an institutional « umbrella » for DCMI activities through provision of core institutional services (e.g., financial and legal);
  • Establish a fiscal arrangement based on both services rendered by ASIS&T to DCMI as well as related costs and mutual partner benefit;
  • Maintain DCMI autonomy as a global community through maintenance of the DCMI « brand » and its programmatic commitments and membership programs; and
  • Establish semi-autonomous DCMI governance within the institutional structure of ASIS&T and DCMI bylaws (…) « 

source >, 26 juin 2013