Mapping federation journeys for optimising the UK digital research infrastructure

« The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) digital research infrastructure committee (DRIC) aims to understand the potential for a ‘federated’ approach to the UK’s digital research infrastructure (DRI): what it might offer, what the scope and extent may be and how it might be defined and progressed to support the DRI’s continued efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.
The UKRI DRIC engaged Jisc to support the development of outline federation journeys for the UK’s DRI. The aim was to focus on the potential opportunities for expanded approaches for optimising the use, sharing, efficiency and sustainability of DRI from the perspectives of expert research stakeholders from across the UK.
The report brings together perspectives on how federation might be defined, examples of federated approaches in practice or in development, and approaches that may be offered more widely, while ensuring that transforming one part does not disadvantage another part of an already complex but well-functioning system. (…) »

source >, Victoria Moody Director, higher education and research, Martin Hamilton Consultant, 16 avril 2024