D8.2 Skills4EOSC Advocacy kit

« The « Skills4EOSC Advocacy Kit » advances Open Science (OS) skills to policymakers and funders, ensuring sustained policy backing and funding for OS Competence Centres. (…) »

source > zenodo.org, Azzopardi, J., Giglia, E., Damiano, R., Garavelli, S., Alanko, M., Souyioultzoglou, I., Gingold, A., Mystakopoulos, F., Delmazo, C., Melidis, A., Sharma, C., Green, D., Whyte, A., Janik, J., Hadrossek, C., Antoine, D., Di Giorgio, S., & Lazzeri, E. (2024). D8.2 Skills4EOSC Advocacy kit. Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.10942224