The Brand-New OpenAIRE OpenOrgs Website is Now Live!

(…) Curious about the magic that goes on behind the scenes, and what can be achieved when technology meets human ingenuity? Explore our brand-new website to get an in-depth understanding of the service’s operation, from the creation of suggestions and curation to the final creation of representative organisations.
The website highlights the community-driven nature of OpenOrgs, underscoring its role in enriching the OpenAIRE Graph with clear and accurate data to elevate research quality. This process, highlighted on the Understanding OpenOrgs section, showcases the blend of automated workflows and curator feedback that underpins the tool’s effectiveness. For those eager to delve into the nuts and bolts, the Metadata Curation section offers a deep dive into the processes and practices that ensure the highest standards of data quality. (…) »

source >, Ivana Končić, 3 avril 2024