Europe PMC POSI update – 2 years on

« Two years have sailed by since Europe PMC adopted the Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure (POSI) in February 2021. POSI is a set of guidelines for open scholarly infrastructure providers and outlines how these organisations should be run and sustained. It offers a framework to uphold transparency and accountability. (…)
Open source software is one of the POSI insurance components, along with open and available data and patent non-assertion. POSI states that all software and assets required to run the infrastructure should be available under an open-source licence.
Europe PMC has focussed on the open source principle in the past two years and has made significant progress as part of Europe PMC’s continuous open source transition. All of Europe PMC’s open source software is available via our public-projects GitLab repository, which now contains 27 open projects. Since the last POSI review, we continue to apply the open source principle to any new code bases we develop. Where possible we also update and make our legacy systems publicly available, cementing our commitment to open source.
One of the fundamental advantages of open source is community involvement. Below we highlight how our open source journey has increased Europe PMC’s impact and supported innovation and discovery as part of our mission. (…) »

source > blog.europepmc.org, Maria Levchenko, 26 février 2024