Recognising Digital Scholarly Outputs in the Humanities – ALLEA Report

« This report underscores the transformative impact of digital practices on humanities scholarship. Drafted by the ALLEA Working Group E-Humanities, highlights the importance of recognising interdisciplinary work, innovative research methods, and non-traditional scholarly outputs. In the first part, the ALLEA Working Group E-Humanities addresses challenges in digital humanities, focusing on transparency in linking resources to publications, recognising updates as scholarly contributions, reevaluating authorship, fostering digital skills, and adjusting evaluation methods. The second section offers recommendations for assessing specific digital outputs like editions, databases, infographics, code, blogs, and podcasts. Each case study includes practical examples and suggested readings. (…) »

source >, Maryl, M., Błaszczyńska, M., Bonincontro, I., Immenhauser, B., Maróthy, S., Wandl-Vogt, E., van Zundert, J. J., & ALLEA Working Group E-Humanities. (2023). Recognising Digital Scholarly Outputs in the Humanities – ALLEA Report. ALLEA.