New report questions impact of publishing on research culture

« Open research publishing platforms could be an important mechanism for reform.
New research from the University of Bristol has found academic researchers are demoralised by a culture that disincentivises sharing and collaboration, encourages questionable research practices (QRPs), and increases the risk of bias.
The researchers carried out a literature study, one-to-one interviews, and a survey of over 400 research professionals to understand how they felt about their work, careers, and the state of open research.
The work, “A snapshot of the academic research culture in 2023 and how it might be improved”, was conducted to create a benchmark to measure the effectiveness of the Research England funded online publishing platform Octopus, which is also supported by Jisc, is designed to improve research culture by resetting the current incentive structure and removing sources of bias. (…) »

source >, 26 octobre 2023