Research Data Alliance (RDA) roundtable during the Science Summit at the United Nations General Assembly, 15 September 2023

« Local challenges, Global solutions: achieving Open Science goals through international collaboration and cooperation.
Many countries and nations across the globe are closely engaged with the Research Data Alliance (RDA), leveraging on the open solutions and global forum to effectively implement and support their national open science and open data strategies and policies. However, there is a large discrepancy in the geographical representation between the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Many nations in the South are not taking advantage of RDA and the benefits for the researchers and data professionals on the ground. Through this session, different stakeholders will outline the importance of international cooperation to achieve local goals, demonstrate the value and importance of globally agreed and recognised research data management and open science practices and solutions in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and illustrate why and how research data good practices and standards can support national open science and open data strategies across the globe and assist in achieving the SDGs, with a particular focus on the Global South. (…) ».

source >, 4 septembre 2023