SemOpenAlex: The Scientific Landscape in 26 Billion RDF Triples

« We present SemOpenAlex, an extensive RDF knowledge graph that contains over 26 billion triples about scientific publications and their associated entities, such as authors, institutions, journals, and concepts. SemOpenAlex is licensed under CC0, providing free and open access to the data. We offer the data through multiple channels, including RDF dump files, a SPARQL endpoint, and as a data source in the Linked Open Data cloud, complete with resolvable URIs and links to other data sources. Moreover, we provide embeddings for knowledge graph entities using high-performance computing. SemOpenAlex enables a broad range of use-case scenarios, such as exploratory semantic search via our website, large-scale scientific impact quantification, and other forms of scholarly big data analytics within and across scientific disciplines. (…) »

source >, Michael Färber, David Lamprech, Johan Krause, Linn Aung, Peter Haase, 7 août 2023, arXiv:2308.03671v1,