[#20yearsLERU] LERU Anniversary Conference « Science as a global public good” | Brussels, 10 November 2022

« (…) The event will focus on science as a global public good, with the paper written by Professor Geoffrey S. Boulton, Regius Professor Emeritus of the University of Edinburgh, as a basis. This paper explores the importance of science as a source of beneficial and applicable knowledge that is freely accessible for everyone. Prof. Boulton will present the paper at the start of the conference. This presentation will be followed by a panel debate composed of policymakers such as, among others, Cristina Russo, Director for Global Approach & International Cooperation of DG R&I, and Radka Wildova, Czech Deputy Minister for Higher Education, Science and Research, who will comment on the paper.

In the afternoon, we will elaborate on different aspects of the paper through keynote speeches and discussions. Together with experts in the field such as Prof. Huub Dijstelbloem of the University of Amsterdam and Prof. Koen Debackere of KU Leuven, we will reflect on research ethics, open science, academic freedom, and more. (…) »

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