Ithaka S+R: Leveraging Data Communities to Advance Open Science

« (…)“Leveraging Data Communities to Advance Open Science,” a multi-session incubation workshop made possible with generous funding from a National Science Foundation (grant no. 2103433), was designed to accomplish three core goals in support of building data infrastructures and community networks to advance open science, using the data communities framework as a guide.

  1. To test the hypothesis that the data communities framework, originally designed to describe a specific type of data sharing initiative, could be used as a tool for identifying and supporting them. Could the concept be leveraged into a philosophy of action?
  2. To foster cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional conversations about data management, curation, and preservation infrastructures and build ties between researchers and information professionals.
  3. To assess how voluntary data sharing efforts might contribute to development of the NSF’s efforts to develop metadata fields to maximize data discoverability and, where possible, machine readability, of metadata deposited to the NSF’s Public Access Repository (PAR). (…) »

source >, Ruediger, Dylan, et al. "Leveraging Data Communities to Advance Open Science: Findings from an Incubation Workshop Series." Ithaka S+R. Ithaka S+R. 9 August 2022. Web. 11 August 2022.