DARIAH Annual Report 2021

« 2021 was a year in transition (…) We saw our Theme funded projects come forward and offer unique cultural responses and supports while the robustness of the SSH Open Marketplace development and rollout has proven that there is more than one way to deliver a collaborative project, and embed it within its wide community of users. We also have used this time to really focus on the benefits we bring, improving the method by which we collect evidence of our effectiveness and impact as an organisation, and refining key service delivery pipelines for the benefit of all of our users. We invested in our relationships with both our national partners and with our fellow research infrastructures, deepening mutual understanding and cooperation.

As this Annual Report attests, 2021 was busy and fruitful, delivering a new set of three impact case studies, new partnerships, project developments and initiatives spreading across DARIAH’s four pillars. (…) »

source > dariah.eu, 2 août 2022