W3C to become a public-interest non-profit organization

« The World Wide Web Consortium is set to pursue 501(c)(3) non-profit status. The launch as a new legal entity in January 2023 preserves the core mission of the Consortium to shepherd the web by developing open standards with contributions from W3C Members, staff, and the international community.

« We designed the W3C legal entity in a way that keeps our core unchanged, » said Dr. Jeff Jaffe, W3C CEO. « Our values-driven work remains anchored in the royalty-free W3C Patent Policy, and the W3C Process Document where we enshrined dedication to security, privacy, internationalization and web accessibility. W3C and its Members will continue to play a fundamental role in making the web work for billions of people. » (…) »

source > w3.org, 28 juin 2022

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