Scoping Report on Archiving and Preserving OA Monographs

« Technical methods for effectively archiving complex digital research publications and for creating an integrated collections of content in different formats have not yet been developed. As part of COPIM, an international partnership of researchers, universities, librarians, open access book publishers and infrastructure providers, WP7 (Work Package 7) have begun by compiling a digital preservation risk register. This report builds on that work in offering an overview of existing preservation solutions for Open Access (OA) research monographs. It brings together interviews conducted with representatives from several university presses and OA presses, and draws on the discussions that took place in a workshop held in September 2020 with a range of professionals in the archiving and preservation domain. (…) »

source >, Barnes, Miranda, Bell, Emily, Cole, Gareth, Fry, Jenny, Gatti, Rupert, & Stone, Graham. (2022). WP7 Scoping Report on Archiving and Preserving OA Monographs (1.0). Zenodo.