Open Science and the academic profession: the case of training for Research Data Management

« Open science is considered a new science paradigm to make research accessible, accountable, and effective. This paradigm is already changing the academic profession starting from micro-practices to professional relations with epistemic communities and stakeholders, with implications that we are not yet able to predict.
The complex, layered nature of open science makes it both theoretically and empirically difficult to disentangle its various domains. It is, therefore, hard to identify an entry-point where all these different elements may be simultaneously observed. Here we are writing about a specific practice of open science in which the link between these different domains could emerge, and the consequences on the academic profession could be spotted: the Research Data Management (RDM).
We focus on one case study about training in RDM, the project Open Badge Ecosystem for the Recognition of Skills in Research Data Management and Sharing (OBERRED). We participated in this project to deliver training to academics on RDM through open education means within an open eco-system and employing an open skill recognition system. (…) »

source >, 21 juin 2022